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Excess weight in women has different effects on different types of stroke

Women who are overweight or obese may have an increased risk of the most common kind of stroke, called ischemic stroke, but a decreased risk of a more often deadly stroke, called hemorrhagic stroke, new research shows Read More Source: Science Daily

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History of gallstones may signal higher risk of heart disease

People who have had gallstone disease are more likely than others to develop coronary heart disease, according to a large analysis of past studies. Read More Source: Fox News

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Surgical Options for Gallbladder Disease

Laparoscopic gallbladder removal, or cholecystectomy, is the mainstay of surgical treatment of gallbladder disease. This minimally invasive approach is safer than open abdominal surgery. Still, even less invasive options—including those without any incisions at all—are being studied and used in some teaching medical centers. Read More Source: Health After 50

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Large proportion of IBS patients are vitamin D deficient

Researchers from the University of Sheffield discovered a significant association between a patient’s vitamin D levels and the severity of their IBS symptoms, particularly the extent to which IBS affects their quality of life. Read More Source: Medical Xpress

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Controlling gut bacteria may reduce gastrointestinal side effects of chemotherapy

Ghastly bouts of diarrhea are a common side effect of chemotherapy. Now, early evidence from new research conducted in mice, published in the journal Chemistry & Biology, suggests that microbes in the gut may be the cause. Read More Source: Medical News Today

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